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Financial District
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10:00 am - 12:00 pm



Colonial History of New York (in English)

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The subject of this walking tour is the colonial period of New York history. We will explore the streets of New Amsterdam, talk about the English colony of New York and of course the Revolutionary Period. Everything important that happened on Manhattan island between the Hudson voyage in September 1609 up until the Washington inauguration in April 1789. We will try not to bump in the newer buildings which are all of them and we will mind red lights in intersections but other than that we will mostly ignore all that didn’t exist in colonial times. 

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Masonic Gravestone

An old gravestone with a masonic puzzle

New York Archeology

Slava is showing remains of old city hall to a group on a tour of Colonial History

Me with Castello Plan

The sculpture of Castello Plan near Manhattan southernmost point helps visualize how New Amsterdam looked

Netherlands Monument

Slava explains the myth of the Manhattan Sale to a group


  • The tour takes approximately 2 hours but often we go a little bit over that
  • This route is a little less than 3 miles long; it’s mostly flat with some narrow sidewalk and uneven surfaces
  • Not historically inclined teens and tweens are unlikely to enjoy this activity
  • The weather will be sunny, not windy and altogether beautiful

Route Map


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Private 2 hour walking tour is $150 for you and up to 9 of your guests

Did you know?

Pearl street

How did it get its name?

Dutch settlers named it for oyster shells they found on the river bank. Manhattan shore was a few blocks "inland" then.


Where is Alex?

Everyone's favorite US treasurer lived here for most of his life and even is buried in the Trinity Church Cemetery near Wall street


Is that a royal toponym in America? o_O

Hanover square and street were named for King George II and not renamed after the Revolution to help trading with the UK

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Slava Shpigel

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NYC licensed tourist guide of 10+ years. I love New York and its history!

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  • Language: English

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