4+2 Hybrid Highlights Tour of New York

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4+2 is a popular very cost effective option for highlights tours of New York City. It means we take a 4 hour tour by car with a driver -> then we have a break (30-60 minutes for lunch), the driver meanwhile leaves with the car -> we continue the tour by feet for 2 more hours -> we finish the tour at the end of the walking part.

In these 2 hours we could visit the Statue of Liberty (tickets are extra) or go to the One World Observatory or explore Financial District in detail or go across the Brooklyn Bridge and explore the other side at DUMBO. After we finish I will help you get a cab or a subway home.

Example schedule

  • 10am We meet at your hotel and start the tour;
  • 10am-2pm we drive around the city checking out the sights like Grand Central Terminal and Rockefeller Center;
  • at 2pm we go for lunch at a huge Hudson Eats food hall, the driver takes the car home;
  • at 3pm we set out for a walk through nearby World Trade Center and decide to go up to the 102th floor to the observation deck (tickets are extra, appr. $40 per person), we take panoramic photos of the city;
  • 4pm We go back down and walk through 9/11 memorial, lower Broadway and Wall street, see the Stock Exchange, the Fearless Girl and take photos in front of the Charging Bull;
  • at 5pm I help call a cab or we go to the subway station and I help you get on the way to your hotel.

This highlights tour allows for a quick glance on most of the important New York City sights and a closer look of Downtown at the end in the walking part. We will have a driver for the first 4 hours which means we are able to leave the car for short walks in the most interesting spots. I will tell what to look out for, where to go after the tour, share secrets on what to eat and drink in New York and talk about the city’s history!

The 4+2 tour price is $1150.

Another similar option would be a 4+4 tour, it’s $1750.

Capacity – 5 guests max, 4 comfortable. We have children seats and a booster. The car is a Chrysler Pacifica 2020 minivan with panoramic sunroof and another glass panel over the back row. Perfect for car tours of the city!

Among sights we will cover: Times Square, Central Park, Dakota building, Lincoln Center, Fifth avenue, Main Branch of the New York Public Library, Flatiron building, World Trade Center, SoHo, Chinatown, Brooklyn Bridge. Most ot these sights we see from the car but we will go out and walk around a little at: Rockefeller Center, Grand Central Terminal, Brooklyn Bridge. Also in the last 2 hours we will have time to walk around Downtown and see more of Financial District and 9/11 memorial if you’d like that.

Request available date and time that’s convenient for you in the calendar below.

Interactive approximate route map

Clickable. Blue color is driving, red color is walking, stars are the spots where we may go out of the car for a short walk. Depending on the program we agree on the parts of this route map may be expanded or cut.

Click or tap to explore the approximate route of this tour

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Slava Shpigel

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I have never appreciated history before I moved to New York in 2010. Maybe it was an immigrant thing – to study up on the new city and country – but it quickly fascinated me. Now 4 shelves of USA and New York history books and 10 years guiding experience behind me I more than ever want to share the stories I learned.

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